The site is the landing page for access to the scalable and redundant infrastructure PLANLOFT uses to support clients.

Public Applications

PLANLOFT Passphrase

PLANLOFT Passphrase helps generate secure passphrases that are easy to remember. Try it now and feel free to download and modify it: open source terms and conditions are in the page source code.


▶ try Schema

PLANLOFT Schema is a Data Model Discovery tool based on Object Role Modeling (ORM). Intended as a starting point for abstract data modeling, Schema allows relaxing ORM to support expressions permitted by other models.

Schema is currently in alpha release; known issues are documented here. Note that any model you create with the Schema tool is wholly owned by you, and will not be shared by PLANLOFT (however, you may share your models with others as much as you like).


The infrastructure supports all of the PLANLOFT software services and applications together on a distributed platform. The platform runs on a combination of cloud-based and dedicated hosting, to ensure availability and scalability.

Technology service offerrings include visual schema design, semantic web integration and supporting collaboration environments. Active management of collaborative efforts is supported with strong audit trails, reporting and content curation.

The public site is supported under specific terms & conditions, except where otherwise noted.