PLANLOFT Schema: Alpha ReleaseHomeUpdated 2020-01-19PLANLOFT Schema: Alpha Release First public release of PLANLOFT Schema (ORM-based data modeling tool supporting sample data and OWL). 1. Description § The public Alpha Release of PLANLOFT Schema <> allows basic ORM/NIAM <> diagram editing with export to OWL/RDF <>. Content is owned by the creators and can be shared by simply sharing URLs. Editable copies and read-only snapshots can be made from any content. See the help <> for guidance. § It works on the major modern browser and platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer and Safari, variously running on Ubuntu, Windows and OS X. § This service has been released to the public for free use, without warranty — see the terms, conditions and policies <> for more information on acceptable usage and restrictions. § 2. 2020-01-19 Point Release § This is a point release to fix a performance issue: the run-time free list management of the low-level storage manager was encountering a performance bottleneck that was driven by an unusual allocation pattern - this slowed down schema copies: solved by anticipating the pattern - storage and algorithm remain unchanged § 3. 2018-11-20 Point Release § This is a point release to fix a number of platform portability concerns that were identified by new users: sometimes cookies weren't accepted: solved with a middleware configuration fix moving roles left and right failed in some browsers: solved with a signficant reworking of MutationObserver usage for all browsers nuisance message when visiting a modifiable document without a valid cookie: message is now bypassed/supressed role/extension linkage didn't work in recent Firefox: Mozilla dropped certain SVG functionality - Schema code has been heavily refactored to do without the convenient Chrome/Safari extensions some schema changes were not captured to the server or written back to the SVG presentation on Edge: caused by a Microsoft MutationObserver feature interpretation - a bug has been reported <> and our code changed to work around it for all platforms. some document operations were occasionally very slow: this was caused by spurious storage layer writes resulting in resource contention and has been fixed § 4. 2018-08-03 Point Release § This is a small point release to enable Firefox <>, Explorer & Edge <>,and Safari <>. Firefox caught up with SVG on its own. Safari has some keyboard issues still, but largely works. Explorer & Edge required some very minor changes to get going now that they have stronger DOM and SVG support. § 5. 2016-08-28 Point Release § This is a small point release to fix an issue <> introduced by changes in the Google Chrome SVG API. It also introduces a great deal of internal refactoring in the storage layer, however these changes should be neutral to the schema application. § 6. 2015-04-26 Point Release § This release contains a lot of internal refactoring to support some additional vocabularies that are in the works. The main visible difference in the public version of the application is that reification of relations <> has been made a lot simpler. § This alpha point release of the application is beta release quality. See the Known Issues below for more information on the intended beta feature set. § 7. 2015-04-05 Point Release § PLANLOFT Schema now supports the platform clipboard <> for conventional cut, copy and paste operation and the undo/redo support <> has been improved considerably due to related work. § This release also adds synchronization messaging (if you lose synchronization with the server), along with links to advice <> on what to do if that occurs. Snapshots now report that they are "read only" if you try to change them. § This alpha point release of the application is now nearing beta release quality on Chrome. § 8. 2015-03-22 Point Release § Added support for unlimited undo/redo <>, with default key bindings when running on Windows and Linux. Key bindings are not supported on OS X, due to platform restrictions. Undo and redo are entirely server-driven, which means that even if you refresh the page, restart the browser or move to another machine, the undo/redo history will still be available. Several minor UI consistency issues have also been addressed. § 9. 2015-03-11 Point Release § Added support for custom notes and warnings on relations. These are especially useful for annotating invalid ORM, which the application allows by design, as part of the data model refinement process. The sample schema has also been updated to demonstrate its use. Released in concert with an announcement on the consulting site. § 10. 2015-03-03 Point Release § Updated the site content and provided some better advice for unsupported browsers. Refinements to enable state of editing controls. This was the first version of the product linked to the site home page. § 11. 2015-02-16 Initial Release § Schema was initially released as a public-accessible service on 2015-02-16 with a small, but useful feature set including mandatory and uniqueness constraints, objectification, URL sharing, snapshots, copies and OWL export. § 12. Known Issues § PLANLOFT Schema Issue 588: Role Connector Spacing on Entities Open When multiple roles connect to the same entity, the spacing may not be wide enough to visually distinguish them. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 591: Exclusion and Union Constraints Open Exclusion and union constraints are very commonly required for reflecting existing data models, but are not supported by the PLANLOFT Schema alpha release. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 592: Better Pan and Zoom In Progress For the alpha release, pan works, but it could be more informative. The zoom has been improved a lot, though there is still one outstanding nice-to-have feature. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 615: Text Field Changes not Automatic In Progress When editing a text field, the change might not necessarily “take” unless the user exits the field. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 618: ORM2 Styling Open PLANLOFT Schema's alpha release is built with only ORM/NIAM styling, while many users might prefer ORM2 styling. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 619: General Input Validation Open PLANLOFT Schema needs input validation on numbers, URIs and other formatted text. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 688: Allow Limited Use Without Cookies Open Earlier versions allowed limited use without cookies or authentication: consider re-enabling. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 689: Spreadsheet Content Copy and Paste Open Support copying and pasting of relation sample data from tabular data sources like spreadsheets — and support automatic relation definition from same. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 698: Firefox Support Closed The Firefox browser cannot currently run PLANLOFT Schema. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 713: Unusual Cardinalities are not Represented Visually Open Unusual cardinalities, especially min cardinalities greater than one, are not well represented on the schema. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 717: Internet Explorer Support Closed Internet Explorer 11, Trident 7 and MS Edge are not currently supported. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 718: OWL Export Refinements Open The OWL Export feature should be easier to use and support instance data export in addition to the model. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 733: Apple Safari Support Closed The alpha release does not currently support Apple Safari. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 840: Chrome 48 Failure Closed Google Chrome version 48 was failing due to the removal of the SVGElement.getTransformToElement() call from the API. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 844: Server Error on Visiting Editable Document with Invalid Cookie Open A Server Error occurs when a browser visits an editable document without a valid cookie (either expired, cleared or never set). PLANLOFT Schema Issue 845: Server Error on Moving Role with Uniqueness Constraint to the Left Open A Server Error occurs when moving a role to the left that has a uniqueness constraint with coverage over it. PLANLOFT Schema Issue 861: Copy Performance Closed As data scale has increased, full schema copy performance has decreased. ©2015-2020 PLANLOFT registerPopups(new Array(), document.documentElement, "span", "explanation");